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DOE Snapshot on LED Outdoor Area Lighting; The three types of products discussed in detail in this Snapshot report are the core products used to light surfaces or large areas outdoors (or in parking garages), and are categories where LED technology has made significant inroads. According to DOE’s 2017 LED Adoption Report,1 LED area/roadway lighting has achieved 28.3% market penetration, with parking garage fixtures achieving 32.5% market penetration. In general, LED outdoor area lighting has the second highest penetration rate of all types of products, behind only small directional fixtures. Penetration rates for outdoor area lighting have approximately tripled since 2014.

Outdoor area lighting is a major contributor to nationwide energy use, and the market segment has been an important player in the transition to solid-state lighting. In terms of energy efficiency, LED outdoor area luminaires now easily outclass their conventional counterparts, such as fixtures using high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Some LED products offer the same amount of lumen output for one-third of the power consumed by an HPS-based luminaire. The efficiency difference may be even greater if delivered illuminance is considered. At the same time, these LED outdoor area lighting products can provide superior color rendition, which can improve visibility.

The mean efficacy of all products currently listed with LED Lighting Facts is 101 lm/W, representing an increase of about 9 lm/W over the past year, whichis the greatest yearly gain since the period from June 2013 to June 2014. So far in 2017, newly listed products have a mean efficacy of 113 lm/W. At any given output level up to the equivalent of 1,000 W HPS (about 100,000 lm delivered), LED products are available with substantially higher efficacy than that of their conventional counterparts.


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