Due to the sensitive electronic equipment in data centers, for Data Center Lighting are the ideal replacement for existing fluorescent tubes. The LED lights operate at a significantly lower temperature, resulting in cooler room ambiance.

This helps keep HVAC costs down and protects electronics in addition to a 50% savings in energy from light consumption. Neptun LED retrofit tubes range in color temperatures also allows for a comfortable working environment specific to the needs of the customer.

T8 LED vs. fluorescent;

Heat reduction: Neptun LED retrofit tubes direct the heat away from the space they are lighting. Fluorescents reflect heat into the space. This is an important feature for data centers since it’s best to reduce heat in the space to help minimize the load on the cooling system

Maintenance-free operation: With uptime ratings of 50,000 hours or more, LED light for Data Center Lighting have a lifetime that is over 7X greater than even the best fluorescent lamp. When you combine LED fixtures with occupancy sensors and daylight controllers, useful life can be extended to 60,000 or even 70,000 hours. 


LED T8 Retrofit for Data Center Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit for Data Center Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit Tubes Lighting for Data Centers

Dim aisles make it difficult for IT pros to see equipment and perform tasks efficiently.

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Replace your dull and inefficient T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes with high output, high efficiency LED Lighting as large area lighting in manufacturing plants, industrial factories, warehouses, offices, hospitals, classrooms and retail stores. Call Steve at 844.533.7767


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