LED T8 Retrofit for Classroom lighting offer a great alternative to fluorescent tubes in classroom environments. The visual environment affects a learner’s ability to perceive visual stimuli and affects his/her mental attitude, and thus, performance. LED T8 retrofit tubes allow for a comfortable environment with an even distribution and no flickering or humming like some fluorescent tubes.

Lighting for classrooms should: Provide uniform distribution, Provide sufficient illuminance levels and contrast ratios for, desks or activities, Blend with and complement the space architecture and décor, Be visually stimulating and motivating (light source’s CRI and CCT)

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LED T8 Retrofit for Classroom lighting also come in warmer color temperatures to provide less harsh light. Neptun T8 tubes also result in savings from HVAC and power consumption.

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LED T8 Retrofit for Classroom Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit for classroom lighting

LED T8 Retrofit Tubes Lighting For Classrooms

High-quality luminaires with state-of-the- art lighting has been shown to significantly improve a child’s performance in the classroom

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