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LED T8 Retrofit for Parking Garage Lighting is well-suited in public garages delivering exceptional illumination quality for improved garage security and safety. This security feature can be attributed to the even distribution, bright 5000K color temperature, and high color rendering that T8 tubes provide.

LED T8 retrofit tubes for parking garage lighting lowers your cost of ownership, by reducing maintenance and energy consumption. LED garage lights allow for lower frequency in replacements. The LED T8 retrofit tubes provide improved energy savings and are the ideal choice for most any linear applications.

LED T8 Retrofit for Parking Garage Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit for Parking Garage Lighting

Public Parking Garage Lighting Solution – leveraging savings without compromising safety or performance

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Replace your dull and inefficient T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes with high output, high efficiency LED Lighting. Call Steve at 844.533.7767 



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