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Product Overview

The Malibu LED Bollard Lighting Series revolutionizes outdoor illumination with its diverse range of architecturally inspired designs. This collection features the sleek Cut Grill, the innovative Paracline, and the classic Stock Louver models, each available in elegant Cone Dome or contemporary Flat Top configurations.

Offered in versatile heights of 24, 36, and 42 inches, these LED bollards cater to various landscape and urban design needs. The series combines cutting-edge LED technology with sophisticated aesthetics, providing energy-efficient lighting solutions that enhance safety and ambiance in commercial, residential, and public spaces. Whether illuminating pathways, defining boundaries, or accentuating architectural features, the Malibu LED Bollard series offers unparalleled flexibility and performance for discerning lighting professionals and property managers.


Key Features

– High efficacy: Up to 183 lumens per watt

– Long lifespan: Rated for over 200,000 hours (L70)

– Wide input voltage range: 120-277V

– Consistent color temperature: 5000K for all models

– High color rendering index: CRI 70+

– Energy-efficient design for reduced operating costs


Technical Specifications

Model MLB-15CLED:

– Power consumption: 20W

– Lumen output: 2,754 lumens

– Efficacy: 183 lm/W


Model MLB-20CLED:

– Power consumption: 25W

– Lumen output: 3,308 lumens

– Efficacy: 165 lm/W


Model MLB-30CLED:

– Power consumption: 35W

– Lumen output: 4,403 lumens

– Efficacy: 146 lm/W


Common Specifications:

– Color Temperature: 5000K

– CRI: 70+

– Rated Life (L70): >200,000 hours

– Input Voltage: 120-277V

– Input Frequency: 50/60Hz


– Commercial spaces

– Industrial facilities

– Warehouses

– Retail environments

– Outdoor area lighting

– Parking structures



10-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

To order, please specify the model number based on your lighting requirements:

– MLB-15CLED: 20W, 2,754 lumens

– MLB-20CLED: 25W, 3,308 lumens

– MLB-30CLED: 35W, 4,403 lumens


Additional Information

– The Malibu series offers a range of power and lumen output options to suit various lighting needs.

– All models feature a consistent 5000K color temperature, ideal for applications requiring crisp, clear lighting.

– The high efficacy of these fixtures contributes to significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.


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