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ml solar led marine navigation light

From $300

Product Overview

The ML10 Solar LED Marine Navigation Light is a self-contained, solar-powered lighting solution designed for marine and general navigation applications. Manufactured by Hunan Yuansheng Electronic Co., Ltd, this robust and versatile marine navigation light offers reliable performance in harsh environments. Making it ideal for a wide range of marine applications, helping to prevent collisions and maintain compliance with Coast Guard regulations

Key Features

– Solar-powered and self-contained design

– Ultra-bright LEDs with energy-saving technology

– Maximum visibility distance over 3 nautical miles

– Up to 200 hours of operation on a full charge

– 256 flashing patterns available, compliant with IALA recommendations

– Wireless remote control capability up to 4km distance

– Three independently controllable groups (customizable)

– Durable construction for harsh environments


Certifications and Compliance

– Complies with IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) recommendations


Technical Specifications

– Light Output:

  – Intensity: 10 Candela

  – Nominal Night Range: >3 Nautical miles

  – Vertical Divergence: 10 Degrees

  – Horizontal Output: 360 Degrees

– LED Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Blue, White

– LED Lifespan: 100,000 Hours

– Power Supply:

  – Solar Module: Mono-crystalline silicon

  – Solar Efficiency: 13.5%

  – Max. Power Output: 1.8 Watts

  – Battery: NI-MH, 3.6V/8AH (replaceable)

– Operation:

  – Autonomy: 200 Hours

  – On/Off Light Level: 70/100 Lux

– Mechanical Structure:

  – Lens: Polycarbonate, UV Stabilized

  – Body: Die-casting Aluminum

  – Waterproof Rating: IP68

  – Weight: 3.5 KG

  – Dimensions: 215.5mm H, 226mm Diameter

– Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C


– Marine navigation aid

– Port, dock entrance & walkway lighting

– Buoy marking

– Offshore gas & oil platform lighting

– High-rise building marking

– Telecom tower marking

– Road obstruction marking


Customization Options

– Choice of LED colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, or White

– Customizable flashing patterns (256 options available)

– Option for steady burning or flashing mode

– Wireless remote control with customizable group settings



3-year warranty on the light unit


Ordering Information

When ordering, please specify:

  1. Desired LED color
  2. Any specific flashing pattern requirements
  3. Quantity needed
  4. Any customization requests (e.g., additional control groups)


Additional Information

– Compatible with YSHD Handheld Controller for wireless remote operation

– Easy to deploy in various conditions and emergency situations

– Battery is easily replaceable, extending the overall lifespan of the unit

– Can be used as an alternative option for special needs where steady light is not required


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