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LED Heliport Lighting - HL-2500 - Heliport light LED beacon

From $600

Product Overview

The HL-2500 LED Heliport Beacon is a high-performance visual guidance system designed for heliports requiring long-range identification. This advanced beacon is ideal for facilities where surrounding lights may make heliport recognition challenging. With its powerful output and strategic positioning capabilities, the HL-2500 ensures clear visibility without compromising pilot safety.


Key Features

– Lightweight design for easy transportation and installation

– Wide input voltage range (100V-250V AC, 50/60Hz)

– Anodized treatment for UV stability and corrosion resistance

– Patented optical lens design for optimal light distribution

– Built-in surge protection device for harsh environment operation

– Flash frequency of 4 flashes per 2 seconds for distinct identification

– IP65 ingress protection rating


Certifications and Compliance

– ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, 4th Edition, July 2013


Technical Specifications

Optical Characteristics:

– Peak intensity: >2500cd at 1.5° to 2.5° elevation

– Azimuth coverage: 360° (-180° to 180°)


Electrical Characteristics:

– Power consumption: 50W

– Input voltage: 100V to 250V AC, 50/60Hz


Physical Characteristics:

– Material: Aluminum alloy body

– Lens cover: Impact-resistant polycarbonate

– Dimensions: 19cm base diameter, 16cm height

– Weight: 3.5kg


LED Specifications:

– Color: White

– Lifetime: 50,000 hours



– Operating temperature: -40°C to 60°C

– Wind resistance: up to 80m/s


– Heliports requiring long-range visual guidance

– Facilities with complex surrounding lighting environments

– Elevated positions adjacent to heliports

– Urban and rural heliport locations


Customization Options

– Standard single white flashing beacon

– Optional 3-color alternately flashing beacon (White-Green-Yellow) available upon request



3-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify:

  1. Model: HL-2500
  2. Color: W (White)
  3. Power input: AC (100-250V)

Example order code: HL-2500-W-AC


Installation Guidelines

The HL-2500 should be installed on or adjacent to the heliport, preferably in an elevated position. Care should be taken to ensure the beacon does not dazzle pilots at short distances. Our team can provide detailed installation advice to optimize visibility while maintaining safety standards.


Maintenance and Support

The HL-2500 is designed for minimal maintenance, thanks to its durable construction and long-life LED technology. However, we recommend regular inspections to ensure optimal performance. Our support team is available to provide guidance on maintenance schedules and procedures.


Compatibility and Integration

The HL-2500 LED heliport lighting can be integrated with other heliport lighting systems to create a comprehensive visual guidance solution. Consult with our experts to ensure seamless integration with your existing or planned heliport infrastructure.


Safety Considerations

While the HL-2500 provides crucial visibility, it’s designed to avoid glare that could affect pilot vision during critical phases of flight. The beacon’s positioning and light output are carefully engineered to balance long-range visibility with short-range safety.


Environmental Impact

By utilizing energy-efficient LED technology, the HL-2500 helps reduce power consumption and environmental impact compared to traditional beacon systems. Its long operational life also minimizes replacement frequency and associated waste.


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