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LED raised elevated heliport perimeter light

From $300

Product Overview

The HL-51 LED Raised/Elevated Heliport Perimeter Light is a cutting-edge illumination solution designed for heliports and helipads. This LED heliport lighting fixture ensures optimal visibility and safety during nighttime operations, marking the edges of TLOF (Touchdown and Lift-Off) and FATO (Final Approach and Take-Off) areas with precise, omnidirectional green illumination.


Key Features

– Low profile design (less than 25cm in height)

– Frangible base plate for enhanced safety

– IP65 ingress protection rating

– Built-in surge protection device

– Fresnel lens for concentrated light beams

– Portable and lightweight for easy installation and transport

– Durable die-cast aluminum body with aviation yellow powder coating

– Impact-resistant polycarbonate lens cover


Certifications and Compliance

– ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, 4th Edition, July 2013

– FAA AC150/5390-2C

– Exceeds FAA Engineering Brief 87 Specifications


Technical Specifications

Optical Characteristics:

– Omnidirectional green light

– Variable intensity based on elevation angle


Electrical Characteristics:

– Power options: 220V AC or 48V DC

– Low power consumption: 5W

– LED light source with 50,000 hours lifetime


Physical Characteristics:

– Diameter: 5.3″ (13.5cm)

– Height: 9.25″ (23.5cm)

– Weight: 1.5kg



– Operating temperature: -40°C to 60°C

– Wind resistance: up to 80m/s


– Heliports and helipads (rooftop, ground-level, ships, helidecks)

– TLOF/FATO area edge marking

– Taxiway edge lighting (blue option)

– Landing direction indicators


Customization Options

– Available colors: Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow

– Power input options: 220V AC or 48V DC



3-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify the following:

  1. Model: HL-51
  2. Color: G (Green), B (Blue), R (Red), W (White), or Y (Yellow)
  3. Power input: AC (220V) or DC (48V)

Example order code: HL-51-G-AC


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