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A Request For Proposal or RFP for new construction and lighting retrofits in industrial manufacturing plants, factories, shopping malls, aviation hangars, and military bases are usually responded to within 60 minutes. For detailed proposals, if needed, we will call in manufacturer reps to assist with CAD layouts and photometric data.  Below are the types of request for proposals we receive and the solutions offered;   

Request For Proposal


Request for proposal:We would like to have more information regarding replacing the existing 2′ by 4′ of 2 and 4 tubes for what I found on your website called “LED 2 x 4 drop-in ceiling panel light

Solution: The 2 x 4 drop-in ceiling panel has an edge-lit design which produces an evenly illuminated glow. Very low-temperature operation saves on HVAC costs and long life greatly reduces maintenance costs.


RFP For New Construction


Request for proposal: They have twenty-four 8ft F96T12 single pin double bulb florescent fixtures inside the building that he is wanting up either replace the bulbs or replace the whole fixture

Solution: replace two 75 watt T12 fluorescent lamps with one 52 watt T8 LED, 5000K


LED T8 Tubes

Request for proposal: Parking Lot Lighting – We have 5 poles and p s e g is our electric company 

Solution: Attached please find the best solution for your HPS 400w parking lot light. Replacing with an Induction 16” shoe box featuring a 100,000 hr rated life expectancy backed by a 10 year warranty.This new fixture also qualifies for a rebate of $70 per HID replaced from the NY Clean energy program. For larger spread of light there is also a 23” Shoe Box. (priced at $25 more).



Request for proposal: High Bay Lighting – interested in looking into a retrofit kit to replace are 1000 watt mercury vapor high bay lights, with induction light with a lower cost then what it would be to replace the whole unit. We have about 40 high bay lights to retrofit.

Solution: For an Induction Light retrofit; We offer the 74250RK-UNV-E40 250W Retrofit Kit /Circline Bulb & Ballast. – The largest retrofit bulb we have is the 250 Watt, come with a 5 year warranty. For an Induction Light new fixture; I’d recommend going to a 300 Watt Induction replacement fixture to get the best light throughout the years.


Induction-Light- Circline-retrofit-kit 

Request for proposal: Gas Station Canopy Lights – Citgo C-Store with twenty-four fixtures, 400w

Solution: 200W Gas Station Light/Freezer Fixture; 10 year warranty, 100,000 hr rated life expectancy 









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