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SD-LED Linear High Bay Slim

From $200

Product Overview

The SD-Linear High Bay is a versatile and energy-efficient LED lighting solution designed for commercial and industrial settings. With its adjustable power and color temperature options, this LED linear high bay fixture provides excellent illumination and adaptability for various environments. A unique design allows it to shine partially upward (about 14% of its light), avoiding the formation of shadows on the ceiling.


Key Features

– Adjustable wattage options for flexibility

– Tunable color temperature (4000K/4500K/5000K)

– Partial upward illumination (14%) to reduce ceiling shadows

– Uniform light distribution

– Corridor function with smart photocell sensor

– Microwave motion sensor option

– Multiple mounting options: chain, pendant

– Power efficiency of 88%

– Long lifespan of 50,000 hours


Certifications and Compliance

[Note: Specific certifications were not provided in the document. Recommend confirming with manufacturer.]


Technical Specifications

– Models: H2 (60W/80W/100W or 80W/100W/160W) and H5 (100W/160W/220W or 160W/220W/320W)

– Input Voltage: AC100-277V; AC100-347V; AC200-480V

– Power Factor: ≥0.9

– Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

– Total Harmonic Distortion: <20%

– LED Chip: 2835

– Efficiency: 150 lm/W (adjustable watt model)

– Beam Angle: 105°

– CRI: >80

– IP Rating: IP20

– Housing Material: Aluminum

– Lens Material: Anti-UV PC Optical Material

– Operating Temperature: -25°C to +50°C (-13°F to +122°F)


– Supermarkets

– Lobbies

– Offices

– Retail Stores

– Schools

– Restaurants

– Hospitals

– Kitchens


Customization Options

– Adjustable wattage settings

– Tunable color temperature (4000K/4500K/5000K)

– Fixed CCT options: 4000K, 5000K, 5700K

– Optional wire guard

– Optional microwave sensor



5-year warranty


Ordering Information

Model numbers:

– H2-60W/80W/100W XDZT

– H2-80W/100W/160W XDZT

– H5-100W/160W/220W XDZT

– H5-160W/220W/320W XDZT


Additional Features

– Daylight sensor function

– Corridor function with three-level control

– Power and CCT adjustment switches on the fixture


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