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SP06 Round Sports Stadium Light

From $500

Product Overview

The SP06 is a high-performance, cost-effective round sports stadium light designed for exceptional illumination in large-scale venues. With its modular design and power range from 300W to 1250W, the SP06 series offers versatile lighting solutions for stadiums, sports fields, high mast applications, light towers, and ports.


Key Features

– High-efficiency lighting: Up to 150 lm/W for superior energy savings

– Powerful output: 45,000 to 187,500 lumens (model dependent)

– Flicker-free operation: Ideal for high-definition broadcasts (Ra90 & TLCI90)

– Advanced thermal management: Die-casting fin heat sinks for optimal heat dissipation and extended lifespan

– Integral waterproof structure: Ensures long-term reliability in outdoor environments

– Precision aiming device: Assists in accurate light alignment

– Glare control: Specially designed visor to minimize light impact on surrounding areas

– Flexible mounting: 0° to 240° vertical angle adjustment


Certifications and Compliance

– CE

– RoHS



– UL (available)



– Stadiums

– Sports fields

– High mast lighting

– Light towers

– Ports

– High-definition broadcast arenas

Technical Specifications

– Power options: 300W to 1250W

– Luminous efficiency: 140 lm/W (150 lm/W optional)

– Beam angle options: 15°, 20°, 25°, 40°, 60°

– IP rating: IP66 waterproof

– Surge protection: 10KV

– Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C

– Lifespan: L70B50 100,000 hours at 25°C


Customization Options

– Power output selection

– Beam angle customization

– Efficiency options (140 lm/W or 150 lm/W)



– 7 years for isolated driver models

– 5 years for non-isolated driver models


Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced visibility: Ensures smooth gameplay and improved safety for players and spectators
  2. Broadcast-ready: High color rendering (Ra90) and television lighting consistency index (TLCI90) make it suitable for HD broadcasts
  3. Durability: Robust design with excellent heat dissipation for extended product life
  4. Versatility: Wide range of power options and beam angles to suit various venue requirements
  5. Energy efficiency: High lumen-per-watt ratio for reduced operating costs
  6. Environmental considerations: Minimal light pollution impact on surrounding areas


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