The BTU Research SURGE-PRO and ARC-TECH PRO UL 1449 3rd Edition products are used mainly for primary protection of single and three-phase networks at the main electrical panel or for direct protection at a specific load.They provide common mode protection (between the active conductors and protective wire) and are available in single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase+neutral versions.

The SURGE-PRO and ARC-TECH PRO high impulse discharge capabilities classify these SPD’s as reinforced Type 2, useful in case of high lightning density areas.IEC60364 standard requests Type 2 SPD at the entrance of installation if the keraunic level Nk > 25. The SPD is based on association of high energy varistors equipped with thermal disconnector and failure indicator, to comply with standards. Remote signaling or disconnection indication is also available for all models

Combined Power Factor Correction and Surge Protection

Surge ProtectionDiscover the benefits of the only state of the art, Surge Protection device that is combined with Power Factor Correction. BTU Research is leading the industry with a host of electrical innovations including the most sophisticated electrical surge protection and energy savings devices on the planet.We all know electricity charges are at an all time high and global reports project current rates to double over the next 5 years. With power plant demand stretched to the limit, plant induced electrical surges are on the rise. Expensive computers, office equipment, flat screen TVs and appliances are left defenseless to power plant, lightning, electrical storm surges, and transients. BTU Research provides relief and protection to business owners and homeowners by containing increasing utility costs, eliminating power factor penalties and totally preventing expensive equipment losses. 

By combining it’s Surge Protection and Advanced Reactive Capacitance technologies, BTU Research has achieved outstanding results, providing full AC circuit protection and power factor correction with the innovative ARC TECH PRO. This sleek, state of the art unit is designed to divert destructive surges to ground in less than a nano second while eliminating or substantially reducing power factor penalties. The ARC TECH PRO is truly the finest AC circuit protection device on the market and the only SPD that improves power factor and reduces line losses. Whether it’s large industrial rotating equipment, pumps, major HVAC equipment, restaurants, convenience stores, office suites or residences, BTU Research brings a truly impressive line of surge protection and power factor correction products for all your customers. Simply installed, the ARC-TECH PRO makes stand alone surge protectors and power factor correction equipment a thing of the past.




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