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It might not be something you think about often, but the light in your garage is pretty important. After all, you need it to work there and to see what you’re doing when you’re looking for tools or putting things away. With so many garage light fixtures to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find what you want and need at the same time. Check out this guide to finding the right fixtures for your space so that everything is illuminated and easy to see, day or night.

What Makes the Best Garage Light Fixtures

Size of the Garage

The size of your garage plays a big role in the amount of light you need. If you use your large garage as a workshop for example, you’ll need more lighting than if you just use your garage for parking your car. Experts recommend at least one 8-foot fixture for each vehicle space. These fixtures should use 4-foot bulbs to cover a larger area at one time. Measure your space so that you can calculate how much light you’re going to need so that every nook and cranny gets plenty of light. See Find The Best In Garage Light Fixtures With Us

The Temperature in Your Garage

Standard garage lighting is generally fluorescent, but if you live in an area that gets below 50 degrees, those fluorescent lights might not work. Choose lights based on the lowest temperature in your garage so that you can be sure they always turn on when you flip the switch. LED lights are alternative that you might consider trying. Lights with electronic ballasts rather than electromagnetic ones also tend to work better if there are typically low temperatures in your garage.

Think About the Color Rendering Index

That index is an important consideration for your garage light fixtures if you use your garage for hobbies that entail seeing the proper color or wood grain of your materials. A CRI rating of 85 or above is your best choice for ensuring that you see colors properly. Sometimes this rating isn’t listed on the package and you may need to call the manufacturer to find out what it is.

Think About the Color Rendering Index

Other Types of Lights

While overhead lights are generally the most common choice for your garage, there are some other types you can consider, based on what you use your garage for. This includes clamp-on lights, which are ideal for your workspace and provide extra light for working on small items at your work table. Task lights focus light on a dedicated workspace and are great for working on your car. See Are Garage Light Fixtures Worth It?

Under-cabinet light fixtures make it easy to see what you have and where everything is, even at night. You can use these additional light sources along the walls, above the garage door, near appliances or your workbench, and in places where you store items, such as holiday decorations or camping gear.

A well-lit garage ensures that anything you plan to do in there, from hobbies to repairs to looking for seasonal items, is easy to do. The right garage light fixtures make all the difference in terms of providing you with the light so that you can get the job done and stay safe.  Visit us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures or call LED Pros Worldwide at 844.53.7767 today.



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