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Whats Trending in LED. “LEDs are replacing HID lighting and other lighting sources because of their superior quality and rising value,” said Bob Smith, a professional engineer and director of energy marketing solutions for Eaton’s lighting division. “LED technology is improving so quickly, things that historically took 12 to 15 years to progress are now taking only two to three years.”

Article: “LED Lighting: Top 10 Technology Evolutions” by Bob Smith

Whats Trending in LED


1. Better uniformity achieved, because the ability to control the light source has greatly improved. 

2. Better control of the light source equals reduced wattage, or higher lumens per watt. LEDs of 2015 and going forward use less energy than other light sources such as fluorescent lamps. 
3. Integrated, intelligent lighting controls boost the ability to control light levels from inside LED luminaires in a simple way. 
4. Reduced pole heights are popping up in new construction, and even some retrofits, thanks to wider light distribution.  

5. When it comes to lumen depreciation, LEDs are knocking it out of the park. The lumen depreciation factor for the average HID lamp is 0.6. For LEDs, this number surges to above 0.9. 
6. LED luminaires don’t fail–they just depreciate. Today’s LEDs slash maintenance costs by eliminating the need for expensive, single-lamp replacements or frequent group relampings



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