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LED Marine Navigation Lights - YSHD Wireless handheld

From $900

Product Overview

The YSHD Wireless Handheld Controller is a versatile and powerful device designed to remotely control YS Signal’s solar airfield lights system and helipad lights. With an impressive range of up to 4 km, this controller offers unparalleled flexibility and control for managing lighting systems in various commercial and industrial applications.


Key Features

– Long-range wireless control up to 4 km

– 2.4-inch TFT LCD color display interface

– Instantaneous control of unlimited airfield products

– Individual communication with each light

– Separate control for 3 groups of lights (customizable for more)

– Secure, MIL-grade encryption (up to 256-bit AES)

– Auto/Manual mode selection

– Light intensity and operating mode adjustment

– Memory function

– Keyboard lock function

– Visual display of switch status, alarm status, and battery voltage

– 1000 hours of storage on a single charge


Technical Specifications

– Control Range: Up to 4 km

– Frequency: 900 MHz point-to-multipoint (other options available)

– Display: 2.4-inch TFT LCD color display

– Battery: Lithium-ion, 5V, 13 Ahr

– Charging Interface: 12VDC input

– Construction: UV anti PC with backlit, waterproof, silicone keypad

– Operating Temperature: -40 to 60°C

– Weight: 1 kg

– Modes: Visible, flashing, steady on, off, autonomous, temporary, emergency, diagnose

– Antenna: Removable antenna included (external antenna options available)


– Airfield lighting systems

– Helipad lighting control

– Solar-powered lighting installations

– Remote area lighting management

– Emergency lighting systems

– Industrial and commercial lighting control


Customization Options

– Additional control groups beyond the standard 3 groups

– Custom frequency options (inquire for availability)

– External antenna options


Ordering Information

To order the YSHD Wireless Handheld Controller or to discuss customization options, please contact Hunan Yuansheng Electronic Co., Ltd:


When ordering, please specify:

  1. Number of control groups required (if more than 3)
  2. Any specific frequency requirements
  3. External antenna needs (if applicable)


Additional Information

– Universal battery charger included

– Point-to-multipoint wireless system ensures system functionality even if one light fails

– Factory light intensity and flash mode can be selected or adjusted

– Auto mode automatically judges day or night; Manual mode complies with handheld instructions

– To revert to factory mode after intensity adjustments, press “CLEAR”

– No unauthorized opening of the device


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