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The 330FAL Collection

330FAL Collection

The 330FAL Collection is designed by the foremost designer and manufacturer of quality, high- performance decorative outdoor architectural lighting products, Crystal Lighting. Commercial lighting solutions perfectly suited for architectural interior environments. High level of features & customization for Walkways, Entry Ways, Perimeters, Storage Areas, Parking Garages, School Campuses, Industrial/Commercial Spaces, Parking Lots, and Recreational Parks. […]

Commercial Applications of Induction Flood Lights

induction flood lights

Lighting is something most of us may not consider much. We often take for granted that wherever we go will have the proper lights so that we can see well, perform our tasks, and feel safe. However, the fact of the matter is that someone must select the proper lighting so that areas provide the […]

Hazardous Location Lighting

Hazardous location lighting Induction fixtures are used in hazardous or nonhazardous, wet locations and for indoor or outdoor general security lighting. Industrial grade explosion proof lights for hazardous location lights and job sites where gas or vapor of sufficient quantity can exist. Ideal for industrial lighting, processed plant lighting, security lighting, warehouses, etc Click here […]

Industrial High Bay Lighting

induction high bay tz hl

Industrial High Bay Lighting using Induction Lighting technology is the best lighting solutions in replacing old, inefficient industrial and commercial HID high bay fixtures. Induction high bay lighting systems feature maximum efficiency, superior color rendering, and long lamp and ballast life representing the best value lighting in manufacturing plants, warehouses and factories. Industrial high bay lighting fixtures […]