outdoor lamp post

See In The Dark With Our Outdoor Lamp Post

Your business needs to make sure that customers can find their way to your door, even in the dark. In order to reduce gloom around the perimeter of the property, and to make sure that spaces like parking lots are not excessively dark, you need to have lighting poles installed. LED Pros have a variety more »

led explosion proof lighting

Mitigate Dangers with LED Explosion Proof Lighting

Many industries today operate in areas where inherent dangers exist. Everything from military bases to refineries to gas stations, flour mills, chemical plants, and other locations that deal with hazardous materials or gases have risks every day. Any place where there may be flammable liquids, gases, vapors, or materials in amounts where an explosion or more »

led industrial lighting

Find LED Industrial Lighting For A Variety Of Purposes With Us

Industrial lighting is an essential investment for your company, helping to reduce the risk to workers, and increasing health and safety in the workplace. Although modern investment in business has been cautious in the West, in recent years demand for LED industrial lighting has risen as companies seek to bring much of their manufacturing back more »

parking garage light fixtures

Illuminate Your Customers With LED Parking Garage Light Fixtures

Parking garages are areas requiring both indoor and outdoor lighting, both of which must illuminate the full surface of the parking area, and must ensure that drivers can see where they are travelling in order to prevent accidents. The use of parking garage light fixtures will need to illuminate spaces for pedestrians and vehicles, and more »

Dark Sky Friendly Compliance

Dark Sky Friendly Compliance requirements help to protect the night sky.Today more and more cities and neighborhoods require outdoor lighting minimize the harmful effects of light pollution. Light pollution has been shown to increase the disruption of our atmosphere and the wildlife environment. Here are a few outdoor lighting basics, lighting should; Only be on more »

LED Sports Lighting Greyhound Racing

LED Sports Lighting Greyhound Racing in South Australia installed the Arrlux LED Aurora area light L series Looking to replace your old, inefficient outdoor area lighting with LED sports lighting? Call sales toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767) LED Sports Lighting Greyhound Racing    Angle Park Fields, Greyhound Racing, South Australia – installed the premium Arrlux LED Area more »

Street Lamps

Street Lamps and Outdoor Lamp Post are architectural Streetscape lighting for a variety of commercial and industrial lighting uses. These fiberglass post top lanterns are an excellent source of decorative outdoor lighting and will provide years of reliable service and beauty. A wide variety of globes and lamp heads are available to give your street lamp more »

Induction Tunnel Viaduct Lighting

Induction Tunnel Viaduct Lighting is perfectly suited for new construction or retrofit applications. Offered in a variety of wattages and with adjustable, tilt stainless steel mounting brackets providing maximum flexibility in all types of applications including; Tunnel lighting, Viaduct Lighting, Exhibition hall lighting, Overhead Pool Lighting, Sport Arenas, Gymnasium Lighting, Tennis Court lighting, Factory Lighting, more »

Commercial Lighting 2014 Trends

Commercial Lighting 2014 Trends and “5 smart trends to watch in commercial lighting”. The rise of LED technology will transform every part of the commercial lighting industry,” said Jesse Foote, an analyst at Navigant. “While other lighting technologies have limited potential for future improvements, new designs for LEDs that push quality and efficacy to new levels more »