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How Tall is a Commercial Light Pole?

Commercial Light Pole

A commercial light pole is used in various applications. However, the most common place you will find it is in the parking lot. If you own a property that requires a parking lot, you need to ensure that proper lighting is installed. When thinking of installing with a pole, you must choose the right number […]

Illuminate Parking Lots With Our Commercial Light Pole

LED high mast light

  Let Us Help You Find The Right Pole When you are searching for suitable lighting for your outside spaces, you have to find a suitable commercial light pole that will keep shadows away from your property. Keeping your customers safe with good illumination can make your business more popular, so talk to LED Pros […]

Superb Illumination with a Parking Lot Light Pole

parking lot lighting pole

If you are a business or organization with any sort of land where people park their vehicles, safety should be one of your primary concerns. A disclaimer notice of “ Vehicles are left at the owner’s risk” will only take you so far. As a responsible person, you should make the parking lot as safe […]

Great Benefits from LED Parking Lot Lighting

led parking lot lighting

The parking lots you have at your facility, whether they are large or small, just one or many, play a vital role for you. Not only do they provide space for your employees to park when they come to work, but your customers, clients, visitors, students, patients, and more will routinely use your lots as […]

Banish Dark Corners With Our Parking Lot Light Pole

led parking lot lights

As the owner of a parking lot, you need to ensure that the space is as secure as possible. Dark parking lots and garages are the ideal places for criminals to hide out and wait for victims, and the traditional illumination system for these lots is not sufficient to protect parkers. Even with the best […]

See In The Dark With Our Outdoor Lamp Post

outdoor lamp post

Your business needs to ensure customers can find their way to your door, even in the dark. In order to reduce gloom around the perimeter of the property, and to make sure that spaces like parking lots are not excessively dark, you need to have lighting poles installed. LED Pros have a variety of outdoor […]

Clam Shell Pole Base Covers


Clam Shell Pole Base Covers are assembled and bolted around the round pole base after pole installation and for existing round poles. Light pole base covers have a two-piece design that opens to fit around the base of your existing square or round pole. (see illustration below). Constructed of durable, high-quality die-cast aluminum, Clam Shell […]

Decorative Light Poles and Base Covers


Decorative light poles and base covers add style and elegance to any traditional or contemporary site and are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to help create the decorative post that suits your needs. These light poles come in Smooth shafts or Fluted shafts. Decorative light poles are perfect for achieving a […]