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Fuel Pumping Canopy Light - ATEX LED Explosion Proof Lighting

From $400

Product Overview

The CPA Series Explosion-Proof LED Fuel Pumping Canopy Light is designed for high performance and safety in hazardous environments. With robust construction and advanced lighting technology, this light is ideal for various industrial applications, including petroleum production, chemical plants, and marine operations.


Key Features

High Lumen Output: Provides up to 23,000 lumens, ensuring excellent illumination.

Robust Construction: Made from copper-free aluminum housing and glass lens for durability.

Flexible Mounting Options: Suitable for various installation methods to meet diverse needs.

Wide Color Temperature Range: Available from 2200K to 7000K to suit different lighting preferences.

Explosion Proof: Certified for use in hazardous locations, ensuring safety and reliability.

IP66 Rating: Offers superior protection against dust and water ingress.

High Efficiency: Delivers high performance at a cost-effective price point.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operates effectively between -40°C to +60°C.



ATEX Marking: II2 G Ex eb op is IIC T5/T6 GC, II2 D Ex op is tb IIIC T80°C Db

IECEX Marking: Ex eb op is IIC T5/T6 GC

UL Marking: UL1598, UL8750 (North American)

IP Rating: IP66 for dust and water protection


Petroleum Production and Refining

Petroleum Loading and Transportation

Petroleum Storage and Retail

Paint Facilities

Pumping Stations

Metal Smelting, Foundry, and Fabrication

Mining Operations and Services

Ocean Platform Operations

Aerospace Clean Room and Production

Chemical Production and Storage

Ocean Vessel Operations

Flour and Fine Particle Production and Storage

Food and Distilling Production

Steel and Aluminum Factories

High Humidity, High Dust, High Temperature, Vapor Locations

Technical Specifications

Wattage Options: 40W, 60W, 80W, 150W

Color Temperature: 2200K – 7000K

Voltage: AC100-277V / DC 36V


  – 40W: 5600 LM

  – 60W: 8400 LM

  – 80W: 11200 LM

  – 150W: 21000 LM

CRI: 80

Warranty: 5 years

Working Temperature: -40°C to +60°C


Product Variants and Packaging

Model: CPA

Quantity per Carton: 2

Packing Size: 460*470*310 mm

Net Weight: 8.23 KG

Gross Weight: 9 KG


Mechanical Structure and Installation

Mounting Methods: Various options to suit different installation needs.

Accessories and Spare Parts: Available upon request.


Ordering Guide

Specify the model number, wattage, color temperature, and any additional options when placing an order.

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