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Clam Shell Pole Base Covers - DB03 - Short 2-piece Pole cover

From $400

Product Overview

The DB03 Decorative Clamshell Pole Base Cover is a compact and stylish two-piece solution designed to enhance the appearance of commercial light pole bases. This low-profile two-piece pole base cover efficiently conceals unsightly base plates while adding a touch of elegance to various outdoor lighting installations.


Key Features

– Two-piece design for easy installation and maintenance

– Compatible with 9″ square base plates

– Accommodates 4″ and 5″ outside diameter poles

– Sleek, low-profile appearance

– Durable construction for long-lasting performance

– Available in multiple standard colors and custom options


Technical Specifications

– Model: DB03

– Brand: Crystal

– Height: 16 inches

– Diameter: 8.5 inches

– Material: Cast Aluminum

– Standard Colors: Bronze, Black, Gray, White

– Custom colors available upon request


– Urban streetscapes

– Corporate campuses

– Retail environments

– Hospitality venues

– Educational institutions

– Public parks and recreational areas


Customization Options

– Custom color matching available



-Crystal offers a 5-year limited warranty on the DB03 Decorative Pole Cover against manufacturing defects under normal use and environmental conditions.



– Simple snap-together assembly

– Includes all necessary mounting hardware

– Detailed installation guide provided

– Can be installed by maintenance staff or licensed electricians



– Designed to work with most major light pole manufacturers

– Retrofit-friendly for existing installations

– Consult our technical team for specific compatibility questions


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