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Possibly one of the most overlooked benefits of lighting outdoor spaces is its favorable maintenance costs. We all know how they are good for the environment and how they cost far less to run than any other bulb, but what about the changing and installing of these bulbs? Few people know that these are the most hassle-free lights on the market. The sheer cost savings potential is massive.

How Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Saves on Maintenance And Costs

How Outdoor LED Lighting Helps Save Money on Maintenance

The thing about commercial enterprises is that they are not fiddling around with just a few lights. In most cases, they have and they need epic numbers of lights. If a single outdoor area used 300 lights, which is a modest estimate, then replacing them could be dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive. Yet, if they are LED lights, then changing them is quick, and pretty safe (unless there are heights), and LED lights need changing so infrequently that the savings in electrician/staff time are phenomenal. read LED Area Lights

Costs for Replacing Your Lights

Re-lamping your commercial area can be difficult and time-consuming if the lights are in tough places to reach if dismantling needs to be done, and if the lights are up high. When there are other types of bulbs, there is also the risk of explosions, electrocution, and so forth, but that is not the case with LED bulbs.

Lighting outdoor spaces that are rated for outdoor use normally have an operating lifetime of 50,000+ hours or more. If you take a modest operating time of 4,380 hours of operation within a single year, which is 12 hours per day, then it will be 11 years before the LED lights need replacing. Even if the electrician or staff member doing the changing wanted overtime and golden time for the job, it would still be far less expensive than if you used other bulbs (since most others would only last 3 years). read LED Retrofit Kits

LED Retrofit Kits for outdoor area lights

For example, take MH bulbs that typically need replacing after around 10,000 to 15,000 hours of use. Under the same circumstances as the LED lights, they would need to be changed every two or three years. The US Department of Energy estimates that you can expect to pay over $150 per fixture when replacing parking lot lights. This is due to the cost of labor, insurance, and any risk rather than the price of the bulb. If you had a choice, would you rather pay $150 per fixture every three years or every eleven?

Do You Need Better Quality Lights?

The fact is that if you want long-lasting lights that can go for 50,000 hours, then you need well-built and high-quality LED lights. Cheaply produced lights are not durable, they are made with cheaper materials, and they have more imperfections. That is why they burn out so quickly.

If you buy top-quality LED lights, then you pay a few dollars more, but you save an astronomical amount in having to replace and maintain them. Take a look at the offerings available at LED Pros World Wide. You will find some of the best commercial LED outdoor lighting on the market at industrial lighting fixtures.



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