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A considerable number of businesses are turning to commercial LED outdoor lighting to improve visibility in their parking lots and external spaces, as well as to reduce the energy costs of lighting these large, open spaces. As companies seek to keep these spaces bright, on one hand, to benefit customers and on the other to provide illumination for workers for night projects, they might want to find out more about how these lighting systems benefit parking lot safety. LED Pros World Wide can demonstrate that there are several ways that exterior parking spaces can benefit from LED lighting. read LED Parking Lot Lights

How Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Improves Parking Lot Safety

What Are The Best Outdoor LED Pole Lights?

Businesses need to have the right kind of lighting for their parking spaces, and this often means thinking hard about what exactly is being illuminated. For example, some experts recommend that uniformity and hazard visibility are really important to get the lighting right in exterior lots: “Exterior lighting in parking lots should support the visibility of hazards – and reinforce perceptions of safety so that people are not afraid to use the space at night”.

Making sure that people feel comfortable in their surroundings is more important than using lighting poles or following standard illumination for vehicle parking areas. Businesses may benefit from investing in specialist lighting that uses long-lasting bulbs and provides illumination over a more consistent space. This is one of the reasons why LED Post Top Fixtures are becoming increasingly favored by companies in Los Angeles and the wider United States.

Keeping Lighting the Same

One of the biggest downsides of traditional forms of outdoor lighting for commercial buildings is that the light tends to be focused on the bulb. This means that companies using standard lighting may find that customers and members of staff tend to park around the light post, and other spaces are not used at all. People tend to feel unsafe when walking to and from their cars, and this can be bad for business. read LED Area Lights

Making Use of Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting is the most effective way to combat this problem, as the lights distribute illumination more evenly, so there are no ‘bright spots’ using this form of light. In addition, they can be used with rope lighting to highlight particular spots, such as hazards or walkways, giving customers much-needed reassurance about the safety of the parking lot. See 

Making Use of Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

There are a variety of ways that businesses can make use of LED lighting for their exterior spaces, but they must take the time to consult with experts in order to use these lighting systems effectively. Ensuring that the whole of the parking lot is illuminated means taking advice from specialists such as LED Pros World Wide.

With the help of knowledgeable installers, businesses can make sure that their parking lots are safe and well-lit for customers and members of staff alike. To find out how to get illumination right, contact us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures for a free quote, or call us at 844-533-7767 now.



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