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Many customers come to LED Pros WorldWide with the question, How To Pick A LED Post Top Light? An LED post top light is also known as a garden light, a pole light, or a landscape path light. There are many varieties, but the most common are the 75W, the 100W, and the 150W. Your average post light has a brightness level that can range from between 9600 lumens to 19,600 lumens.

Many Pole Top Light Fixtures are now solar powered, which allows them to charge up during the day so that they may shine on their battery power at night. However, many have a backup connection to ensure they shine brightly through the night.

How To Pick A LED Post Top Light

Do Not Be Spoiled By Choice

If you opt to buy your LED post top light fixtures from a high-quality store, then you are probably going to be spoiled for choice. And, where that is a good thing in the fashion industry, it is not so great for people trying to choose LED lights. Make an informed decision based on your requirements.

For example, many Pole Top Light Fixtures come with a 90-degree rotatable head, but you have to ask yourself if you need that. Some are dimmable, but again you should ask yourself if you need dimmable lights for upscale communities.

Showbox or Pole Light?

There is a thing called a Showbox area for lighting. This is when you want to light up something with a lamp that is 10 feet high or less. The light should be bright enough to illuminate a good area (like a garden or water feature) but shouldn’t be so bright that it hurts the eyes of people standing nearby. A pole light often sits 10 feet or higher and may direct its light over a large area, or simply have a cone of light that shines down and around for a broader sense of light.

Making a Statement with Modern Pole Top Light Fixtures

What Mount Type?

There is a direct mount that slips onto your pole and doesn’t offer further options for movement. There is the slip-fitter mount that can be moved to face any direction but isn’t overly adjustable. There is an adjustable mount that allows you to aim the light in a very broad direction or make it shine in very specific areas. Finally, there is the universal mount that is easily fitted to other varieties of the mount, be they poles or be they fittings on walls.

Are People Still Buying Post Top Lights?

Yes, the most common mounts are universal mounts, and the most common bulbs are LED light bulbs. Luckily, universal mounts are often reasonably priced, and many partially adjustable mounts are also very reasonably priced. Even in heavy industrial settings, people use LEDs in their post lights because they are durable, long-lasting, and very energy efficient.

Most people now know that good-quality LEDs are the best value for money and will often pay for themselves in power savings. If you are looking for the best value for your money, then buy from LED Pros World Wide. visit us at Industrial Lighting



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