This post on Induction lighting retrofit kits shows how to retrofit existing commercial and industrial lighting fixtures with induction lights. Energy-efficient retrofit kits save energy and money and use less energy than metal halide HID, HPS, halogen, incandescent and CFL lamps. Ultra high-efficiency commercial lighting systems directly replace or retrofit less efficient HID from 15 watts to 500 Watts. see What is an Induction Lighting Retrofit?

Learn more about Retrofit Kits and see what people in and out of your professional network have to say about it. For the manufacturer, Induction lighting technology, not only saves you money in utility cost as well as maintenance in lamp replacement costs, but it helps you reduce your carbon footprint. From high, quality outdoor induction lighting fixtures to indoor induction lighting retrofit fixtures, its easy to retrofit your current lighting system with Induction lighting retrofit kits. Click here for more Induction Lighting Fixtures

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Induction Lighting Retrofit Kits Marketplace

Induction Lamp



Induction Lamp – Rectangle by TZ

rectangle induction lamp; available in 80/100/120/150/200/250/300/350W; Prices start at $

Induction Lamp

Induction Lamp – Circular by TZ

circular or ring induction lamp; available in 40/80/100/120/150/200/250/300/350/400W; Prices start at $

induction lamp ballast

Induction Lamp Ballast by TZ







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