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Class 1 Div 2 LED Linear Lighting - IR3 series

Prices Start at $400

Product Overview

The IR3 Series is a rugged, corrosion-resistant lighting solution designed for hazardous locations and marine environments. Meeting Coast Guard specifications and suitable for saltwater environments, the IR3 Series is ideal for applications in petrochemical facilities, oil drilling rigs, and marine loading docks. Available in various lamp configurations and universal voltage options, this series offers a reliable and efficient linear lighting solution for demanding conditions.


Key Features

– Corrosion-resistant, marine-grade, copper-free extruded aluminum construction

– Zinc-plated latches for durability

– Acrylic and tempered glass lens options

– Versatile mounting arrangements, including standard end mounting and angle mounting

– Enclosed and gasketed design for protection against the elements

– Emergency ballast option for critical lighting needs


Certifications and Compliance

– UL Listed for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D

– Complies with UL 844 for Hazardous Locations

– Complies with UL 924 for Emergency Lighting

– Complies with UL 1598A for Marine Outside Type (Saltwater)

– Meets Coast Guard Specifications

Technical Specifications

– Light Source: 17W, 35W, 40W, 54W, 60W, or LED (4000 & 8000 lumens)

– Power Source: 120-277V, 50/60 Hz (UNV)

– Ambient Operating Temperature: 40°C maximum

– Weight: 2 foot – 28.0 lbs, 4 foot – 30.0 lbs



– Petrochemical Facilities

– Lubrication Pits

– Oil Drilling Rigs

– Crew Quarters

– Solvent/Cleaning Areas

– Processing Plants

– Water Treatment Areas

– Marine Loading Docks


Customization Options

– Length: 2 ft or 4 ft nominal length

– Number of Lamps: Two lamps or four lamp BIAX

– Ballast Type: 265mA T8, 270mA Compact Fluorescent, 430mA T12 RS, 460mA T5HO, 800mA RS HO, or LED (4000 & 8000 lumens)

– Voltage: 120V 60MHz, 220V 50MHz, VDV (12/24V), 277V 60MHz, or 120/277V 50/60MHz

– Mounting Style: End Mounting (O), Back Mounting (BMSW), or Pendant Mount (P)

– Options: Emergency Ballast (EM)



The IR3 Series comes with a 1-year warranty.


Ordering Information

To order the IR3 Series, use the following nomenclature:

IR3 – (Length) – (Number of Lamps) – (Ballast Type) – (Voltage) – (Mounting Style) – (Options)

Example: IR3-4-2-80-12-O represents a 4-foot nominal length, two-lamp fixture with 800mA RS HO ballast, 120V 60MHz, end mounting, and no additional options.

Please note that all fixtures include lamps.

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