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LED Floral Display Case Lighting features LED cooler lights which are guaranteed to help your elegant floral arrangements and beautiful bouquets project that fresh-from-the-garden look. LED floral lights provide a full spectrum, of true color lighting which is necessary to show the true colors of your flowers.

Use of the 5000K color temperature and the industry-high CRI (color rendering index) of 84, this combination is the perfect choice for floral departments and flower shops as they give superior color and sparkle to floral displays.

LED floral lights are designed to illuminate flowers, and reduce UV and heat which causes discoloration, fading, and wilting. Retailers and florists are wowed when they see their flower arrangements come alive with LED display case lights. 

LED Floral Display Case Lighting


Things To Know About LED Floral Display Case Lighting

LED lighting is a popular choice for floral display cases as it provides a vibrant light that lasts longer than incandescent lighting.

An important factor to consider when choosing lighting for a floral display case is the type of light that is best for the flowers and plants within the display case. Fluorescent lights, halogen lights, and LED lights are all popular choices for floral display cases, as they provide the right balance of color and intensity to effectively showcase the flowers or plants.

Fluorescent lights provide a clean, white light that is ideal for highlighting the natural colors of the plants, while halogen lights provide a slightly warmer light that helps to bring out the individual details of the plants. LED lights are the best option as they are energy efficient and produce a bright, crisp light that can make the flower colors pop out!

When selecting a light for a floral display case, another factor to consider is the amount of heat it will generate. Certain types of bulbs, such as halogen and fluorescent, will generate more heat than LED bulbs, so it is important to ensure that the display case can adequately dissipate the heat generated by the bulbs. If the display case does not have adequate ventilation, the heat can become too intense and cause the flowers and plants to wilt and fade.

In addition to choosing the right type of light, it is important to select the proper wattage for the display case to ensure that the light intensity is appropriate. Too much or too little light can have negative effects on the plants, so it is important to select the right wattage for the light to be effective.

Finally, the placement of the lights is also important for achieving the desired effects. For example, LED lights can be placed closer to the plants, as they do not generate as much heat as other types of bulbs. Contact LED Pros WorldWide for further questions.


LED Floral Display Case Lighting


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