LED T8 Retrofit for Office Buildings is a great alternative to fluorescent tubes in office areas. Switch to LED lighting to make the best choice for your office space. Create productive, well-lit workplaces with Neptun LED T8 retrofit tubes.

Office buildings require quite a bit of electricity. Between the lighting and air conditioning, bills can really add up, especially during the summer months. Install technologically advanced, patented and UL listed, LED T8 retrofit tubes for the ultimate money-saving solution for lighting office buildings.

LED vs. fluorescent lighting. LED T8 retrofit tubes offer an even light distribution with no flickering or noise. Optimize worker performance with LED fixtures. LED T8 retrofit tubes can pay for themselves in 1.5 to 5 years with savings in energy and maintenance.  

LED T8 Retrofit for Office Building Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit for Office Building Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit Tubes Lighting for Office Spaces

Office compliant, energy-efficient lighting. Available in multiple color temperatures, creating a comfortable working environment without compromising brightness. View LED T8 Retrofit Tubes brochure for office spaces










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