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Portable Helipad landing Floodlight

From $400

Product Overview

The LF100 LED Elevated Heliport Floodlight is a high-performance illumination solution designed specifically for heliports and helipads. This versatile LED heliport lighting provides powerful, glare-reduced lighting for TLOF/FATO areas, ensuring optimal visibility and safety during nighttime operations. With its robust construction and adaptable design, the LF100 is suitable for a wide range of installations, from rooftop helipads to shipboard and ground-level facilities.


Key Features

– Low-profile design with adjustable height (lowest setting under 15cm)

– Lens hood to minimize glare for pilots and ground personnel

– High luminous output for efficient helipad surface illumination

– Versatile power input compatibility (100V-250V AC, 50/60Hz)

– IP65 rated for outdoor durability

– Aluminum alloy housing with powder coating finish

– UV-stabilized tempered glass lens cover


Certifications and Compliance

– ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, 4th Edition, July 2013

– FAA AC150/5390-2C


Technical Specifications

Optical Characteristics:

– Color temperature: 5000K

– Luminous flux: 15000Lm


Electrical Characteristics:

– Power consumption: 100W

– Input voltage: 100V to 250V AC, 50Hz or 60Hz

– Optional DC input: 10V to 30V


Physical Characteristics:

– Dimensions: 38.2cm length x 31.5cm width (with hood) x 14.7cm height

– Weight: 5kg


LED Specifications:

– Lifetime: 100,000 hours



– Operating temperature: -40°C to 60°C

– Wind resistance: up to 80m/s


– TLOF/FATO area illumination

– Winching areas

– Helipad parking areas

– Rooftop helipads

– Surface-level heliports

– Shipboard and helideck installations


Customization Options

– Standard AC power input (100V-250V)

– Optional DC power input (10V-30V)

– Dimming functionality available upon request



3-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify the following:

  1. Model: LF100
  2. Color: W (White)
  3. Power input: AC (100-250V) or DC (10-30V)
  4. Options: Standard or Dimming

Example order code: LF100-W-AC-Standard


Installation and Maintenance

The LF100 is engineered for straightforward installation and minimal maintenance. Its adjustable height feature allows for precise positioning to meet specific heliport requirements. The durable construction ensures long-term performance in challenging outdoor environments.


Lighting Design Support

Our team offers comprehensive lighting design services to ensure your heliport meets all relevant safety standards and operational requirements. We can provide customized lighting plans based on your specific helipad layout and local regulations.


Bulk Order Discounts

For large-scale projects or multiple heliport installations, please inquire about our volume pricing options. We offer competitive discounts for bulk orders to help optimize your investment in quality heliport lighting.


Additional Information

– The LF100 is designed to provide illumination levels exceeding the minimum 10 lux requirement for helipad surfaces, as specified by international standards.

– Our floodlights can be integrated with other heliport lighting products to create a complete, harmonized lighting system for your facility.


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