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Your business needs to ensure customers can find their way to your door, even in the dark. In order to reduce gloom around the perimeter of the property, and to make sure that spaces like parking lots are not excessively dark, you need to have lighting poles installed. LED Pros have a variety of outdoor lamp post options available which will help you to get the most out of your illuminations, and we can assist you in choosing the right LED Post Top Fixtures for the needs of your business and your customers. Talk to us today to find out how our pole options can make your business more attractive to visitors.

See In The Dark With Our Outdoor Lamp Post

Tall Poles For Bright Light

When you want to make sure that you have good illumination in open spaces, such as car parks or waiting areas, you need to have bright lights and poles that are tall enough to cast beams over some distance. Most commercial car parks will have poles that are much taller than street lighting because they use powerful lighting in order to overcome shadows across a big area. This helps you to save money because you don’t need so many poles to illuminate the space and makes your customers feel safer as they are walking to and from your business. Coupled with LED lights, your light poles can make a big difference to the feel of your outside space, encouraging customers to stop and visit your business.

Using Specialist Poles

When you are picking out lighting poles for your property, you need to find some which will blend in well with your existing styles. For example, you may wish to use aluminum commercial poles, which are both lightweight and strong. These are available in square, round and tapered, so you can get the look that matches the design of your building. For something more traditional, and perhaps in keeping with your property or the surrounding town, you may want to choose a steel pole. These are, of course, very strong, and are there to resist risk, including high winds or vandalism. Steel will, of course, need to be maintained in order to keep it in good condition. Choose the type of material that you want today, and talk to our team about our specialist lighting poles for external areas, so we can find the perfect match for your business.

What are the best outdoor LED pole lights

There are lots of options when it comes to picking the perfect outdoor lamp post for your commercial property, and you may want to know more about the particular types of steel (48,000PSI) or aluminum that is being used in the construction of these poles. For more information, and to talk about the right lighting for these posts, you will have to talk to LED Pros. We supply not only the LED bulbs but the fixtures to go with them too, so reach out to us today by calling (844) 533-7767 now. 



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