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As the owner of a parking lot, you need to ensure that the space is as secure as possible. Dark parking lots and garages are the ideal places for criminals to hide out and wait for victims, and the traditional illumination system for these lots is not sufficient to protect parkers. Even with the best surveillance available, you can still expose users of your parking lot to violence and robbery.

To protect your visitors, you need to brighten up the space available. This could include enhancing lighting by using LED parking lot lights which can illuminate spaces much more efficiently than traditional lighting.

Protect Vehicles With Better Illumination

Estimates suggest that 10 percent of criminal activity occurs in and around parking lots. This is because the dim environment conceals people and their activities, making it easier for criminals to evade detection from cameras. Even if the CCTV does capture them, it is often too dark to get a reliable picture to use in criminal proceedings. Thieves are naturally attracted to cars parked in dark areas, since breaking into the car is much easier.

Banish Dark Corners With Our Parking Lot Light Pole

Your visitors are not likely to want to leave their cars in these dim spots, and anyone unfortunate enough to park there may experience theft and burglary from their car. To protect the people who use your parking lot, whether they are customers, staff members, or others associated with your company, you need to make sure that the parking spaces are all well-lit and that your security is as high as you can afford to make it.

Other Risks Of Dim Parking Lots

Crime and violence are not the only things that you have to worry about if your parking area is insufficiently lit. For example, it is more likely that drivers will have a car accident when their vision is poor. They might bump into other cars, hit pillars or posts in the ground, damage curbs, and cause other incidents that can require police intervention.

Other Risks Of Dim Parking Lots

If your lot is not sufficiently illuminated and car owners have accidents including trips and falls, personal injury, or damage to their car, you could be held liable for the costs. This is because improper or inadequate illumination in parking lots makes you responsible for these accidents. To avoid this, you need to find better lighting for your parking lot light pole. See Superb Illumination with a Parking Lot Light Pole

Illuminate More For Less

If you have been using traditional lighting to provide illumination for your parking spaces, then you have been choosing the wrong option for lighting. To provide complete coverage of your parking lot, you need an LED light that has a high lumen output, much brighter than traditional bulbs, and you should use a parking lot light pole to ensure that the light is cast over as wide an area as possible. See Illuminate Parking Lots With Our Commercial Light Pole

To find out more about how our LED lights can help you prevent accidents and deter crime, you should contact LED Pros Worldwide today. Please visit us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures for a free quote, or call us at (844) 533-7767 now.



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