T9 LED Circline Replacement lamps are ideal in Hospitality Lighting, School Lighting, Healthcare Lighting, Storage Lighting. The 9″ UL Frosted Circline LED can be ordered in Warm White (4100K) and Cool White (5000K) and is an energy saving, long life replacement for circular fluorescent Lamps, 18W Watt T9 Equivalent.

The T9 LED Circline Replacement retrofit kit contains a G10q 4-Pin adapter for easy installation into most commonly used T9 circular lamp system fixtures. Convert circline fluorescent fixture to LED for reduced maintenance costs; reduced air conditioning because of no heat from light source, 5 year warranty. Replace with FC8T9 LED, save energy and get maintenance-free 70,000 hours of lamp life. Call for pricing toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

T9 LED Circline Replacement

LED Recessed Round Ceiling Lights

LED Recessed Round Ceiling Lights – 4″ by Ledsion

This slim panel light is dimmable; 120° wide beam spread; Mounting Includes two spring loaded clips to attached to any ceiling material. Easy recessed installation without needing a stand pot light can;replaces up to 50W incandescent; available in 9W; Prices start at $

LED Recessed Round Ceiling Lights

LED Recessed Round Ceiling Lights – 4″ – 6″ – 8″ – 11″ by Beauty

MOQ 100 pcs – Recessed installation; available in 9/15/18/24W; Prices start at $

ceiling led round flush mount

LED Flush Mount Round Ceiling Light – 14″

Decorative LED Interior Luminaire Round Ceiling Mount; Up to 2800 lumen;0-10V Dimming; Available in 24W. Prices start at $.

LED Ceiling Light


featuring High Output LEDs; designed for the replacement of existing incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL lighting systems; dimmable; 1440 lumens @ 18W; 5000k; available in 13W, 18W. Prices start at Discontinued

   Installation guide to installing T9 circle lamps.
  Step by Step Guide to Converting your T9 Circline fluorescent fixture to LED


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