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Not all lighting fixtures are equal. A lighting fixture can be perfect in one area but not necessarily elsewhere. Some areas may need fixtures that can withstand wet, humid, or dusty environments. A swimming pool, for example, requires vapor tight lights. But what does vapor-tight mean? What are its benefits? Find out more when you continue reading

What are Vapor Tight Lights and When to Use Them? 

These lights are rugged. Thus, they are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. For instance, if you’re in the food processing business, the use of vapor-tight lights can be beneficial because they are easy to clean. Vapor-tight lighting is an ideal option for virtually any area that experiences excessive moisture. Read LED Vapor Tight Linear Lighting 

The Number 1 Benefit of Using Vapor Tight Lights

What is the Number 1 Benefit of Using LED Vapor Tight Light Fixture? 

The main benefit of using this type of fixture is energy savings. A 4-foot LED fixture has a wattage that ranges from 12 watts to 55 watts. When you consider that number, you can get a significant reduction in your energy consumption, compared to fluorescent vapor-tight lighting. 

Energy savings isn’t the only benefit of this lighting system. Here are other advantages that you must understand before deciding on replacing your old lights. 

Reduces Maintenance Cost 

Because of how these lights function, you expect them to have a longer operating life compared to conventional fluorescent light fixtures. Furthermore, these lights aren’t affected by cycling. It means that they are not significantly affected when you frequently turn on and off the lights. Furthermore, they can function well in cold environments. They are also not affected by the product lifetime that fluorescent lamps experience. 

What are Vapor Tight Lights and When to Use Them?

Improving Lighting Performance 

LEDs are known for their multi-point design. Thus, the fixtures can provide an evenly distributed light pattern. Furthermore, LEDs are also available in various color temperatures. As a result, they provide various options to improve the visual perception of brightness. This feature is vital in food processing cavities where staff requires high-performing task lighting. see NSF Certified LED Lighting

Used Indoor and Outdoor 

Vapor tight lights are only used in commercial areas or spaces. Rather, they can also be installed in your kitchen or anywhere around your house. They are flexible enough to be used anywhere. Many business owners know that LED lights are better. But LED vapor tight lights will make you appreciate LED lights even more as they can provide greater illumination. See LED Vapor Tight Jelly Jars

The Flexibility of Vapor Tight Light Fixtures 

They are flexible and versatile so you can use them anywhere. You can be creative with how you utilize them externally. Giving better illumination over the same area can remove the risk of making your staff feel uncomfortable when working in your facility. 

Illuminate Your Food Processing Facility 

Business owners need to provide the right illumination to their commerce spaces. But they should do so with practical and a more cost-effective approach. The use of LED vapor tight lights can create greater flexibility and versatility for customers. To know more about this solution, call us at (844) 533-7767 or visit our website at industrial lighting fixtures.



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