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Most companies are using warehouse LED lighting these days because they save a lot of energy, they are quite easy to dispose of safely, and they offer a great deal of value considering their low cost. Most facilities have a variety of LED light fixtures. Here are a few thoughts on the types of LED light fixtures you should consider for your facility.

You Should Try LED Warehouse Lighting

High bay fixtures, at around 25ft or higher, are good for larger areas where you want a fair amount of light that is not too intense. Ironically, if they are too low, the light becomes too intense and the shadows become too dark. Set at the right height, these types of fixtures perform very well in commercial and industrial environments. Read LED Low Bay Lighting 

Warehouse High Bay and Low Bay LED Lighting

You Should Try Wall Mounted Area Lights

They work well in all conditions, they offer a great deal of light when you consider their size, and they last a long time. They are durable and offer an even amount of light, and they are easy to install. Plus, LED wall-mounted lights are very easy to install when compared to other forms of lighting. Read LED High Bay Lighting

You Should Try Low Bay Fixtures

Slightly lower and less bright lights are used to offer people a fair amount of light in a more concentrated area. Low bay fixtures shouldn’t be too bright and should be spaced so that they each eliminate the shadows that would have otherwise been cast by its sister lights. 

You Should Try Recessed Troffer

Coming in various sizes, these types of lights can be installed to ensure they are out of the way while still doing their job. They are strategically placed so that they are not in the way, but also so that they illuminate key areas in your facility. Cleverly placed lights can also create an atmosphere that may otherwise appear too clinical or stale.

Where Do You Get The Best LED Commercial Lighting?

Are There Other Options?

In reality, you need to take a look at your facility and decide for yourself. There are often corners and areas in your facility where certain types of lighting are not the best solutions Plus, there are lights that need certain fittings to work properly- such as lights placed in high-temperature rooms, to lights placed in large cold storage freezers.

The great thing about LED lighting is that you can place them anywhere you want. No longer do you need massive transformers just to handle your lights, and no longer do you need to remodel your facility to work around your lights. One of the benefits is that you can go small, you do not always need to opt for large overhead lights when smaller fixtures will do the job just fine.

Where Do You Get The Best Warehouse LED Lights?

If you are looking for top-quality LED lights and light fittings, where you get good value for money, then try LED Pros World Wide for the best deals and the best lights, from overhead warehouse lighting to wall-mounted area lights. Visit our website at Industrial Lighting Fixtures.



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