Superb Illumination with a Parking Lot Light Pole

parking lot lighting pole

If you are a business or organization with any sort of land where people park their vehicles, safety should be one of your primary concerns. A disclaimer notice of “ Vehicles are left at the owner’s risk” will only take you so far. As a responsible person, you should make the parking lot as safe as possible. This can be the maximum effort, such as providing security guards, or something much more affordable but still effective, such as illumination. A parking lot light pole provides an excellent lighting solution and can be used to cover the desired area.

Superb Illumination with a Parking Lot Light Pole

What Sort of Places Can Make Use of Parking Lot Style Lighting?

It may sound quite a specific item, but a light pole has a good number of applications. It should also be noted that with various styles of lighting poles, some are more suitable to some locations than others. Potential locations and uses include:

  •         Auto sales/dealership lots
  •         Airport parking lots
  •         Retail parking lots
  •         Sports ground parking lots
  •         Retail delivery/collection areas
  •         Condominium parking areas
  •         Storage yards
  •         Sports fields
  •         Street lighting
  •         Sidewalk and walkway lighting
  •         Industrial lighting (warehouses, storage depots, railway yards etc.)

Types of Parking Lot Lighting

To achieve its purpose of illuminating a large area, parking lot lighting is usually a set of lights in various configurations mounted on a pole although they are also available as wall-mounted fixtures.

Lighting poles are constructed from a square, round, or tapered pole fixed to a heavyweight anchor base. Material is most generally carbon steel or aluminum with poles extending to heights of 40 feet. Styles range from modern-contemporary to traditional and there is usually a variety of finishes available.

The best parking lot light poles use LED lights configured in what is usually known as a shoebox housing.

The Benefits of LED Lights

LED lights are far superior to halogen and incandescent lightbulbs in many ways:

  •         They last far longer. An LED light can operate for an average of 35,000 hours but can last up to 100,000 hours. That equates to 15 years of normal; usage without burnout or loss of brightness. 
  •         They are incredibly energy-efficient. With 80-90 percent efficiency (which indicates how much energy is turned into light rather than heat), LED lighting is currently the most efficient. Incandescent lights only have an efficiency of 20 percent.
  •         LED lights are ecologically sound making them eminently suitable for the current zeitgeist.  They do not contain any toxic elements (mercury) or compounds. Because they are 100 percent recyclable and last so much longer (fewer replacements), LED lights can reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third as well as saving on future production costs and materials.
  •         LEDs are more flexible in everything. They do not emit UV rays and are very tough and durable. They can be made in a huge range of sizes and designs and can work in extreme temperatures.

If you wish to upgrade your exterior lighting to include a parking lot lighting pole with LED lights, browse the range at Industrial Lighting Fixtures. We have lights for all industrial, commercial, and recreational applications. 


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