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Whether you need specialists or engineers to install your LED commercial ceiling lighting is a tricky question with multiple answers, but for the sake of brevity, the easy answer is “No.” You will not need specialists or engineers to install your commercial LED lighting because it is a very simple task. If you buy the fittings, you can install them yourself. There is no need for major rewiring, and the setup is pretty simple. However, since this is a fairly complex question, here are a few more answers as to if you need specialists or engineers to install your LED commercial lighting.

Will I Need Engineers to Install My LED Commercial Ceiling Lighting?

The Job is Not Very Complex

If you were installing thirty ceiling lights using traditional lighting like strip lightning, then it requires the services of a professional. That professional has to figure out how to correctly power all the lights. How to ensure they do not get too much power, or too little, or that their wiring up doesn’t cause surges or drain too much power? It is a tricky job that isn’t a problem with LED lights. The thing about LED lights is that they and their fittings are very easy to install, and even the larger versions of LED lights only consume a fraction of the power that strip and traditional lights do. See Should You Hire a Pro to Install Drop Ceiling Lighting?

Sure, if you are installing a high number of lights, then the power required will still call for a professional to do the job. But, for smaller ceiling lighting scenarios, the professional need only check your work rather than having to do all the work for you.

Where Will Your Lights Be Installed?

One of the weird things about the modern commercial environment is that specialists are needed because insurance companies or laws demand it. A classic example is when lighting is being installed in a dangerous place. For example, if your warehouse roof is only 20 feet from the floor, then regular electricians could install your LED drop ceiling lights. Yet, if your roof is 60 feet from the floor, then you need specialists. They need to be qualified or at least insured to go to higher heights and do their job. The lights themselves may not need any special talents to install them, but the risks related to their location may mean you need professionals to come in and help you.

What Type of Lights Are Being Installed?

What Type of Lights Are Being Installed?

As you probably know, there are many types of LED commercial ceiling lighting. If you are changing out your lighting system completely, then you may not need new wiring, but the fixtures and fittings may need changing and installing. In this case, you can do it yourself, but you may feel more comfortable hiring a professional to do it for you. See Illuminate Your Space With Drop Ceiling Lighting

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