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Commercial Hand Dryers

Comac Blast Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial hand dryers eliminate labor and janitorial costs of paper towels and are much more efficient than old style hand dryers. These newer automatic hand dryers are high speed, high output and actually dry your hands in 10 seconds. Comac BLAST commercial hand dryers use electricity in order to blow warm air onto a persons […]

Surge Protection

The BTU Research SURGE-PRO and ARC-TECH PRO UL 1449 3rd Edition products are used mainly for primary protection of single and three-phase networks at the main electrical panel or for direct protection at a specific load.They provide common mode protection (between the active conductors and protective wire) and are available in single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase+neutral versions. The SURGE-PRO and ARC-TECH PRO […]

Power Factor Correction

The BTU Research Electrical Engineering Services & Systems Team (EESS) makes ordering power factor correction equipment quick and easy. Power factor is an essential part of modern electric power systems and is the simplest, most economical means of increasing the capacity of any power system and minimizing energy losses. To encourage energy conservation, utility companies have begun imposing Power Factor […]