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When teams are working in hazardous areas, particularly in confined spaces where there is the potential for gases to build up undetected, business owners must provide their workers with LED explosion proof lighting. Sometimes called hazardous location areas, these sites tend to have the risk of explosive atmospheres and are places where flammable gases, vapors, and liquids as well as combustible dust may occur in sufficient quantities to trigger explosions or fires.

To prevent the risk of combustion, teams need to use equipment that reduces the risk of exposing flammable areas to sparks. Because it is so easy to trigger explosions, it is important to focus on buying the right and safe choice for the hazardous location. Let the experts at LED Pros WorldWide guide you in your selection of LED explosion-proof lighting.

Protect Workers With An Explosion Proof Lighting LED Lamp

Protecting Against Explosion

The risk of explosion when working in a confined space has been known for hundreds of years. Mining and other types of confined work have developed different types of lights that are suitable for illuminating the spaces, such as the safety lamp developed to protect miners. Read LED Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Jelly Jar

The issue with combustible elements is that many standard lighting tools, such as torches or lamps may initiate sparks, which could cause an explosion.

In standard lights, no protection prevents the combustible element from coming into contact with the spark, and the risk of explosion is quite high. Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting is designed to seal off the spark so that gases and dust cannot penetrate the light and trigger an explosion.

Working Within A Hazardous Environment

To comply with OSHA safety standards, you have to provide explosion-proof lights that conform to one of two classes. This classification will depend upon how the illumination is rated, and how suitable they are for use in particular areas.

For example, Class 1 lighting is the rating for work in confined spaces and is often used by people working in tight spaces such as cleaning vessels, restoring plants ready for reuse, and operating in paint boots.

A Class 2 light will be used in areas where there is combustible dust present, or where munitions are being used. The rating is intended to indicate to the operator whether the light is suitable for use in a particular area.

Working Within A Hazardous Environment

Working To Protect Your Team

When part of your business involves working in these hazardous locations with a risk of explosion, you must take the time to find suitable lighting that mitigates dangers with LED explosion proof lights while also offering them a suitable level of illumination. 

You can choose from a variety of different LED lighting systems that we have available, including spotlights, lamps, and even exit lights, designed to protect your workers from the risk of explosions and ensure that they are safe in their working environment.

If you want to know more about the suitability of our LED lights for your hazardous location, contact LED Pros Worldwide today either online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures or by calling (844) 533-7767 now.


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