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Energy-efficient, maintenance-free operation, Low Bay lighting fixtures for commercial and industrial applications designed to illuminate large commercial and industrial spaces. Delivering equivalent photopic illumination levels to traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp fixtures like metal halide, high-pressure sodium and fluorescent fixtures with better uniformity and coverage. Induction Low Bay lights use substantially lower energy than traditional light sources with substantially longer life. 

Low Bay light fixtures are designed to be mounted as close as 8 feet from the work plane to provide energy-efficient, low glare illumination lighting for manufacturing, storage, warehouse lighting and other indoor spaces. Suitable for use in damp locations. These light are specification grade, providing low glare and visual comfort for industrial and commercial buildings. Click here for more Induction Lighting Fixtures – Visit LED Low Bay Lighting

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Low Bay Lighting 

Low Bay Lighting

Induction Low Bay Lights – HL-01 by Taizhou

features High pure mirror surface reflector with high transparent tempered glass lens; 80+ CRI; 19″ and 21″; up to 20,000 lumens @ 250W; 80W/120W/150W/200W/250W; Best Seller. Prices start at $


Low Bay Lighting

Induction – HL-18 by Taizhou

features a Classical and beautiful appearance with a high transparent tempered lens; up to 20,000 lumens @ 250W; 21″; 80W/120W/150W/200W/250W; Best Seller. Prices start at $


Low Bay Lighting

Induction Low Bay Lighting –  HL-23 by Taizhou

featuring 100,000 hours lifespan, 5 year warranty; up to 20,000 lumnes @ 250W; 18″ and 20″; 80W/120W/150W/200W/250W; Prices start at $






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