What Should I Know About Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

outdoor LED strip lights

We are living in an age when modern LED lights are the most dependable, inexpensive, and most environmentally friendly lighting option on the planet. One would have hoped that humankind would develop a safe, low-cost, and low-impact lighting system at some point in the future, and it turned out that the answer (the LED light) […]

What Are Construction Lights?

what are constrconstruction lightsuction lights

In real terms, construction lights are any sort of lights that you put into a construction site. However, as the LED market has matured, the categories, types, and subcategories have become more defined. Now, when people buy LED lights for construction sites, they have a clearer idea of what they are getting. Here is a […]

How Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Saves on Maintenance And Costs

how commercial led outdoor lighting saves on maintenance and costs

Possibly one of the most overlooked benefits of commercial LED outdoor lighting is its favorable maintenance costs. We all know how they are good for the environment and how they cost far less to run than any other bulb, but what about the changing and installing of these bulbs? Few people know that these are […]

Milestones in the History of Billboard Lights

altech led flood u hfl

Billboard Lights are everywhere – even in the middle of nowhere by the side of a major road. Businesses around the world use them as a way to advertise their products and services to potential customers. Whether it’s advertising the latest soft drink or the newest musical on Broadway, billboards have been around for a […]

How Commercial Outdoor LED Lighting Contributes to Mental Health

In recent years, an increase in awareness of mental wellness has been seen around the world. More and more entities and individuals are finding that mental health is just as important as physical health. There is a wide range of factors that go into this aspect of your wellness. One such factor is Commercial Outdoor […]

Reduce Costs with LED Parking Lot Lights

LED parking lot lighting

It’s vital that you have parking lot lights on your commercial property for safety reasons. A well-lit space deters crime and lights the way for anyone moving around the parking lot after dark. Lights also reduce the risk of car accidents on your property. You know you need them, but parking lot lights can also […]

How Many Lumens Does a Billboard Need?

led flood light architectural series flas

In truth, you need to experiment with your LED billboard lighting if you want to get the right appearance and set the correct tone. However, you are probably looking for a rough guide to help you start shopping for LED lights, so here are a few numbers to consider. Replacing Your Halide Lamps When you do […]

What Wattage for Outdoor Flood Lights Is Best?

industrial outdoor LED flood lights

The wattage depends on what you intend to use the lights for. If you are trying to create a mood within a beer garden, then smaller and dimmer lights would be needed than if you were looking to light a courtyard with industrial outdoor LED flood lights. Though there are no absolute rules for wattage […]

Can LED Light Strips Be Waterproof?

commercial outdoor LED strip lights

If you are dealing with commercial outdoor LED light strips, then it is almost a guarantee that they will be water-resistant. However, most LED lights are not waterproof. Water resistant means that you can leave it out in the rain and maybe in partial puddles for days and it functions normally. Waterproof means you can […]

LED Light Fixtures You Should Consider for Your Facility

LED tunnel light

Most companies are using LED lights these days because they save a lot of energy, they are quite easy to dispose of safely, and they offer a great deal of value considering their low cost. Most facilities have a variety of LED tunnel light fittings and fixtures. Here are a few thoughts on the types […]